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Virtual pitch fee (optional)

Virtual pitch fee (optional)

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For those trading online in the Virtual Market South West, this is an optional virtual "pitch fee".

I set up VirtualMarketSouthwest to help us all out in this very strange time, to help allow us to keep some "face to face" contact, ish, with our market attendees. As so many of us rely a large amount on this sort of trade, this really does have potential to help us all out a lot. 

As a virtual market, the costs are low, however, there is considerable admin and organisation time involved, and although I want to keep this optional, because I know that we are all in very strange times, and that finances are not necessarily great for everyone (anyone??), I do want to place an optional virtual "pitch fee" to help cover both the admin time and the subscription costs involved in scheduling posts etc. This will help me to keep this running and keep it growing throughout the lockdown, however long it may last, and potentially into the future too, if it is worthwhile at that time. 


If you are willing and able, or you have a good market day on the weekend, please do consider paying the virtual pitch fee. This is by no means mandatory, and if you can't, or don't want to, I fully understand. 

Most important of all, please keep promoting the market! The more people we have noticing us the better. The bigger we can build our audience, the more people we can get to see and maybe buy our products!

Thank you all!