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Bath Bomb Making Refill Kit

Bath Bomb Making Refill Kit

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Have you attended one of our bath bomb workshops, and now you want to make more!? This kit contains all of the ingredients you need to make another three bath bombs. 

You can choose from either an ingredients only kit; this will give you everything you need to mix up your own masterpieces, using bowls, spoons, scales etc. from  home, and using your own moulds (silicone baking moulds, ice cube trays etc. work well). 

Or, you can choose to purchase the kit which includes a 6cm spherical bath bomb mould, so that you can make truly professional looking, gorgeous sphere bath bombs!

You can have your kit customised to contain your preferred essential oils, colour and botanical ingredients. Please pick one of each from the lists below, and write this preference in the notes at checkout:

Essential oils:

Bergamot, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, lime, mandarin, peppermint, rose geranium,  sweet orange, vanilla.


Pink, red, orange, yellow, pistachio green, emerald green, blue, purple

Botanical ingredients:

Rose petals, jasmine flowers, heather flowers, lavender buds, marigold petals, star anise.



If you have not yet completed one of our bath bomb making courses, you can choose to attend an in person course here.

Or book an online course here.

Want to book a course for yourself and friends? Want to ask about doing this workshop in your own home? Not sure if this course is suitable for you? Want to discuss any needs or additional information? Pop an email to 

Important information:

Please make sure to disclose any allergies in the notes section at check out. This will ensure that substitutions can be made as appropriate. Please discuss any severe allergies, even if they do not seem relevant.

Some of the ingredients used (particularly colourants) may cause staining to fabric, and may temporarily stain skin. Please dress accordingly, and be aware of this when using your kit. You may wish to wear an apron.

Remember to wear gloves and face coverings throughout making, as the ingredients used are in powder form and are not comfortable if breathed in. 

It is advised that you cover any cuts, grazes etc. with plasters or other coverings.