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Collection: Care for the Hands that Care


This weekend has seen a team up between myself and Ali, a senior nurse who has been placed to run Derriford Hospital’s Covid Ward. I know Ali as a result of family links. We have not met in person, but Ali always values her team, and in the past we have collaborated to create and give little gifts for all the hard work that they put in. This weekend Ali contacted me, during these extremely troubling times, we all have so many difficulties to face, but our front line workers are stepping up to take on some of the toughest roles in getting through this. Ali, despite the very reasonable fears that she may have about  running the Covid ward, about being in isolation when she is not at work due to being in the red zone, not being able to see her daughters in person, and all of the other challenges currently a daily part of her life, is ready to face this task and help everyone she can to her best ability. In fact, even more than that, she got in contact with me this weekend because she wants to let her team know how much they are appreciated and to give them a little something to help keep spirits up. I just know that we can all support this feeling! Our NHS staff, our carers, our teachers and all of those who are out, working hard and keeping us safe and cared for are doing an incredible job, and under huge amounts of pressure to boot. 

So Ali and I did it. We designed a mini care package, a package to nourish and care for those hands that are so involved with caring for the rest of us. A soothing lavender natural soap, rich in moisturising oils and naturally formed glycerin, not harsh on the skin when used for hand washing (but still effective!), and a lavender hand and body butter. Each gift set will come in a little tin, beautifully presented and just a little bit luxurious. To help all those overworked individuals have a few more moments of calm allowed back in to their lives as they struggle through longer shifts and working hours, and harder and harder work during this worrying time.  

The project has been named “Care for the Hands that Care”, because we want to give a little care back, and of course those hands have been so very involved, and so very frequently washed that we could all use a little moisturising and love going back to them! 

I want to make this project bigger. I don’t want just a handful of the people involved to know how much we appreciate them. I want every NHS worker, every teacher, every carer, every social worker, everyone keeping us going through this unprecedented difficulty to have just a little thank you from us all. Something to boost morale, something to give a little positivity when it gets really tough. So we have decided to widen the project. This is a big goal, but the bigger the better! I am giving these care sets at their cost price, taking no profit, because it is something I really believe I need and want to do. You can help this project to reach further with a donation. For every £3 donated, one front line or key worker will receive a Care for the Hands that Care thank you gift. You can donate as much or as little as you can and you want to. Just select the £1 donation below and adjust the quantity to whichever amount suits you! Please help us to make this massive thank you the biggest and best it can be.

Thank you for reading! Thank you for participating. I really hope that you choose to donate. 

Leoni Adams

Owner of Naturally Gorgeous Cosmetics


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